The East Dallas County Democrats believe in equality for all and transparency in local government. Residents of Mesquite approached us with concerns of intimidation, corruption, and disparaging comments against minority residents. This type of representation has no place in Mesquite regardless of any person’s party affiliation. We support the Mesquite citizens and members of our organization who filed Public Information Act requests for Councilmember conversations with the City of Mesquite.

The importance of this issue cannot be stressed enough. The FBI has declared North Texas as having one of the largest concentrations of white supremacy groups and terrorism threats in our country. Investigations still ensue against the insurrection of the United States Capitol last month. It is imperative that we fully investigate any claims of racial prejudice and corruption in our city to confirm that they have not seeped into our local government.


Sign and share this petition to demand the City of Mesquite and Mesquite City Council Members to respond to their Citizen’s request as soon as possible!

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